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Teachers and parents should not expect any of these subjects to be dealt with in detail in Level One. These same subjects will be reviewed later in this series and more details will be explained as the students get older and are able to understand more. We believe that using this series will provide children with a first understanding of the details of most if not all of the basic affairs of Islaamic beliefs, according the Book of Allaah, the Sunnah of the Messenger ρ, and the understanding of the early righteous generations of the Muslims. The most important point with this, and all SAHEEH Educational Tools, is that the child understands the material, retains it, and lives according to it.

To help in this goal, parents and teachers will find helpful reviews that strengthen the students’ understanding. Simple questions reviewing the material presented are found along with questions that require the students to make conclusions on their own.

We hope that this book fulfills its purpose and that Allaah rewards its author and all those who teach from it. We ask Allaah to help us in our responsibilities with the children of this Ummah, and to make them and

all of us firm in our Islaam. Your brother in Islaam,

In the Name of Allaah…Do you know who Allaah is? Allaah is our Lord. He made all the people. He made all the trees, rivers, and mountains. He made the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. He made all the animals, even the tiny little flies. Allaah made everything.

Allaah gives us food every day. He gave us our clothes. He gave us our mothers and fathers and our brothers and sisters. He made us healthy.Allaah gave us our hands and feet. He gave us our eyes and our ears. He gave us our tongues and our teeth.Allaah gave us everything.

There is no one like Allaah. Allaah made the mountains and the sky.Did anyone else do that?No! There is no one like Allaah.Allaah gave us our fathers and mothers, and our brothers and sisters.Did anyone else do that?

No! There is no one like Allaah. Allaah made us healthy, and gave us our eyes and ears. Did anyone else do that? No! There is no one like Allaah. Allaah is way up above the sky. Allaah is above everything. Subhaanallaah! Is anyone else that high? No! There is no one like Allaah.

Allaah knows everything. He knows what we are doing right now.He knows what we did yesterday.He knows what we are doing right now.He knows what we are going to do tomorrow.Whatever we do, Allaah knows about it.He knows what all the animals are doing.He sees us and hears us wherever we are.He hears us when we say good things and He hears us when we say badthings.He sees us when we do good things and He sees us when we do badthings.No one else is like that.There is no one like Allaah.Allaah sees us and hears us, and He is above the sky, above everything.Subhaanallaah!

If someone asks you: “Who is your Lord?”You say: “My Lord is Allaah.”

Do you know who Muhammad ρ is? Muhammad ρ is our Prophet.Allaah sent him ρ to all the people.Muhammad was a man that lived a long time ago.Allaah sent the Qur’aan to him ρ.Do you know what the Qur’aan is?The Qur’aan is Allaah’s Book.Good people read the Qur’aan all the time.Good people love the Qur’aan and they love to listen to it.The Qur’aan is very beautiful.Muhammad ρ loved the Qur’aan, he loved Allaah’s Book.Muhammad ρ used to read the Qur’aan a lot.Muhammad ρ taught the people about the Qur’aan.He ρ was the best person ever!Good people try to be just like Muhammad ρ.

If someone asks you: “Who is your prophet?”You say: “My prophet is Muhammad ρ.”

Muhammad ρ died a long time ago. That means he is not alive now, he’s dead.Allaah is alive and He will never die.Allaah is not a man like Muhammad ρ.There is no one like Allaah.Everyone will die one day, except Allaah.Even Muhammad ρ died, and he was the best person ever.When people die, we put them in the ground.So Muhammad ρ is in the ground, and Allaah is way up high aboveeverything.Good people pray to Allaah only.Allaah is alive and he hears our prayers.Good people love Muhammad ρ, but they do not pray to him.

Do you know what a Muslim is? A Muslim is a good person that prays to Allaah only. Allaah loves the Muslims. Muslims love Allaah. Muslims love Muhammad ρ. Muslims are the best people. They try to be like Muhammad ρ. But they do not pray to him. We are Muslims and our religion is Islaam.

If someone says to you:  “What’s your religion?”You say: “My religion is Islaam.”

Some people are not Muslims. Their religion is not Islaam.They do not pray to Allaah only.They do not try to be like Muhammad ρ.

Muslims will go to Jannah after they die. Do you know what Jannah is? Jannah is a great place! Only Muslims can go to Jannah. In Jannah there are lots of delicious foods. People in Jannah can eat and drink as much as they want, and they never have to go to the bathroom! There are rivers of honey and milk in Jannah. There are lots of beautiful trees in Jannah that have delicious fruits. The people in Jannah will see Allaah, and they will very happy! Do you want to see Allaah?Of course! We all do! But we will not see Allaah unless we go to Jannah. Do you want to go to Jannah?People will have everything they love in Jannah, and they will be very, very happy.

Kaafirs can not go to Jannah. You have to be a good Muslim if you want to go to Jannah.You have to obey Allaah and His Prophet ρ to go to Jannah.You have to obey your mother and your father if you want to go to

Jannah. You have to do good things to go to Jannah. You have to say good things to go to Jannah.

If you want to go to Jannah, then you can’t hurt other people. You have to be kind and have mercy on people if you want to go to Jannah. No one will go to Jannah unless Allaah lets them go there. So we have to ask Allaah to let us go to Jannah. O Allaah! Let us go to Jannah! O Allaah! Let our parents go to Jannah, too!

For people who do not go to Jannah, there is another place. That place is horrible! It is called Jahannam. It is a huge pit of fire that burns everyone inside it! The people who go to Jahannam will burn there. No one wants to go to Jahannam. Jahannam will burn the people’s skin off. Jahannam is a very nasty place. There is a nasty poisonous tree in Jahannam called Zaq-qoom. It has poisonous fruit that makes people sick. That is what the people will eat in Jahannam. They will be very thirsty in Jahannam. They will have hot boiling water to drink. People will never be happy in Jahannam.

Only bad people have to go to Jahannam. All of the kaafirs have to go to Jahannam and stay there forever. That is because they did not obey Allaah when He told them to be Muslims. Some of the Muslims have to go to Jahannam, too. That is because they did bad things. They do not have to stay there forever like the kaafirs do. Allaah will let all the Muslims out of Jahannam, and then He will put them in Jannah. We don’t want to go to Jahannam, not even for a little while. We want to go to Jannah, not Jahannam. So we have to be good Muslims and obey Allaah. We have to obey Muhammad ρ and we have to obey our parents. If we say or do bad things, maybe Allaah will put us in Jahannam. We have to ask Allaah to save us from going to Jahannam. He is the only one who can save us from going to Jahannam. O Allaah! Don’t put us in Jahannam! O Allaah! Don’t put our parents in Jahannam! O Allaah! Let us all go to Jannah!

Good Deeds & Sadaqah The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Every part of a person's body must perform a charity every day the sun comes up: to act justly between two people is a charity; to help a man with his mount, lifting him onto it or hoisting his belongings onto it is a charity; a good word is a charity; and removing a harmful thing from the road is a charity"

Write as many good deeds and acts of sadaqah that you can. Add to this from time to time and use it as a reminder, Insha Allah.



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